Scientific Shutdown

Scientific Shutdown is a top-down arcade-style shooter where up to four players fight against waves of rock monsters in computer simulated environments.


Dr. Hans Trottlestein, an evil mad scientist, has been trying to test his latest creations inside simulations mimicking locations from across the planet. His plan? To gather data on how effective his monsters are in lab conditions and decide whether they are ready to be used to take over the world. As one of his latest 'test subjects' (kidnapped civilian), the mad doctor has promised you freedom but only if you survive. Can you make it through all of Trottlestein's simulations and survive?

Scientific Shutdown takes a lot of inspiration from games such as Orcs Must Die! (Robot Entertainment, 2011) and the Call of Duty: Black Ops minigame, Dead Ops Arcade, (Activision, 2010) for their use of arcade-style wave survival gameplay and stylised art.

What makes Scientific Shutdown special is how the simulated environments are not entirely functional, as throughout each level objects in the environment will 'glitch' and be swapped with random items from other levels; sometimes these are harmless props, sometimes these are dangerous traps. 


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Featured Game - Scientific Shutdown

Lenovo Legion

We partnered with Lenovo Legion to bring their audience a sneak peak at Scientific Shutdown before the launch of the demo. Fans were able to play through three finished levels with much of the final content and give feedback to shape the game in its development.

Define Logic - Scientific Shutdown

Games Talent Wales

While in University, we were selected to take Scientific Shutdown - then our third year project - were approached by Games Talent Wales to represent upcoming Welsh games development at EGX 2019 in London.