Project Roman

Project Roman is an Narrative-Driven Action Adventure game set in South Wales during the time of the Roman conquest of Britain, and Boudica’s revolt in the east of England.


Rowan, the celt-born adopted daughter of a Roman Centurion, has been tasked by the spirits of the Celtic underworld ‘Annwn’ to end the war between the Celts and Romans before the high casualty rate causes Annwn to collapse into the mortal plane and send a surge of good and bad spirits across the land.

The sources of inspiration behind Project Roman are Telltale's episodic games for their narrative choice-based games, and Ryse: Son of Rome (Microsoft, 2013) for its historical setting and combat system.

Project Roman was entered into Tranzfuser 2020 and then featured at the Protoplay Live event. Further development on the project has been postponed at this time.