The Last Antique Store

The Last Antique Store is a short exploratory puzzle horror created during the Jamfuser 2019 game jam.


With your grandfather having recently passed away, you’ve come into the possession of his old antique shop. Shutting up shop after your first day of business, you’ve noticed that things aren’t quite as they seem. Knowing there’s something on your tail, you must find another way out: but will you get out in time, or will the evil that lurks find you first?

The inspiration behind this project came from Amnesia: The Dark Descent's (Frictional, 2010) atmospheric environment design and SCP: Containment Breach's (Undertow Games, 2012) monster AI.

This project was a game jam entry in 2019's Jamfuser, a game jam for Tranzfuser applicants. Antique Store is based around the theme of 'junk', hence the setting, and was developed in 72 hours from the ground-up. To date, the project has had over 1000 downloads on