Diana Finley

Lead Artist & Environment Artist

Diana is our Lead Artist and comes from a small town in Northern Nevada, USA. While growing up she knew she wanted to do something within the arts sector but always imagined it would be along the lines of a professional ballerina, not a game artist. She specialises in environment and prop art but enjoys helping the other artists solve problems and try new things. Her hobbies include traditional art, dance, and reading. Her interests include learning about sharks, quoting movies, and attending orchestra concerts or live shows such as Wicked or The Phantom of the Opera.



Diana attended the University of South Wales for 4 years where she got her BA in Game Art and her MA in Games Enterprises. While there, she progressed in her role as Art Lead for Define Logic Studios and became more invested in the growth and learning of those she led. She specialises in Environment and Prop work but has also done UI and Character clothing work. Diana has started developing her own company that will work alongside the Studios to develop more content and help other Indie Studios within Wales.


Scientific Shutdown

2018-2019, 2020-Present

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